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Past Projects


Bellevue Parks & Recreation - Bellevue Botanical Gardens and Wilburton Hill Park, Bellevue, WA
Topographic and Boundary Survey 

Work on this project included;
1.       Calculating the park boundary from gathered field information and available maps and data.
2.      Calculating easements through/affecting the property from gathered maps and data.
3.      Researching utilities on and serving the Botanical Gardens for use on the topographic map.
4.      Providing contours at one foot intervals and spot elevations throughout the botanical garden area, consisting of approximately 13 acres using the city of Bellevue official vertical datum.
5.      Locating all surface features within the botanical garden area including vegetation and trees, fences, utilities, utility locate lines, walls, parking areas, all features in the right-of-way abutting the property, channelization, developed areas versus undeveloped areas and structures. 
6.      Setting permanent monuments at all property corners and angle points (rebar with identifying cap) for the entire Wilburton Hill Park (approximately 105 acres).
7.      Providing the client and the county with a Record of Survey showing all boundary markers set/found, encroachments, features along the property lines and all other necessary information required by law.
8.      Providing a map showing all the above listed information using Auto CAD 2008.
9.      Providing the above listed information in a digital format along with the gathered field data for design of a new Visitors Center at the Botanical Gardens.

Besagno Short Plat –Tukwila, WA 

2 Lot Short Plat 

Work on this project included;
1.       Initial correspondence and conversations with client to determine needs.
2.      Research to determine horizontal and vertical survey control, requirements within the city in which the work is being done, possible obstacles, documents needed to complete the work and safety issues.
3.      Meet with the client and the civil engineer to discuss all needs, responsibilities and timelines.
4.      Schedule field work to gather boundary and topographic information that will be used in creating the initial Boundary and Topographic map that will be passed on to the client and his engineering team.
5.      Schedule a utility locate service to mark underground utilities.
6.      Reduce all field data gathered by the field crew.
7.      Prepare a Topographic and Boundary map at a convenient scale using AutoCAD. Provide the client with the map and provide his engineering team with a digital version of the same for use in the creation of the Short Plat.
8.      Prepare legal descriptions for the existing lot and the newly created lots for preliminary submittal of the Short Plat to the city in which the work is being performed.
9.      Prepare a final short plat map per the city of Tukwila standards for submittal and recording.
10.   Set property corners at newly created lot corners.

Jorgensen Forge, Tukwila, WA
A.L.T.A./A.C.S.M. Survey

Provided a full title survey per the minimum standard detail requirements for ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys
as adopted by American Land Title Association and National Society of Professional Surveyors on a 20 acre site in
Tukwila, Washington which included the following:
1.       Calculating the property boundary from gathered field information and available maps and data.
2.      Mapping all features on site, within five feet of each side of the property boundaries, and in the adjoining right-of-way including buildings, fences, walls, utilities, parking areas, channelization, driveways, curbs, found boundary markers, etc.
3.      Provide a map of all features and the boundary at a convenient scale using the format provided by the client.
4.      Research and provide information on setbacks, parking requirements, flood zone status, building height restrictions, easements on and affecting the property, and potential encroachments.
5.      Disclose and map, if possible, all information from the provided title report.
6.      Address redlines provided by the client.

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